Found lots of excuses to not play with watercolor this past weekend. It’s very silly but I worry that it won’t be very good.. But like, how is it supposed to be any good if I don’t work it?

A day relearning how to draw

Each day I am making myself draw. It’s pretty much just scribbles in a sketchbook at this point. Literally, scribbles. However, I remembered a technique I would use to sort of get the juices flowing, to get comfortable enough to let loose and create something weird. Scribble on a page. A single line, a single scribble, and then you have to turn the scribble into something. Anything. Doesn’t matter. Just look into the scribble, find something inside it, and pull it out.

Feeling hostile towards art

For a long time I would not even look at anyones art work. I was so angry that I was not making art myself that simply seeing artwork became an attack against my own perceived failings. I feel that is no longer the case. I’m looking at peoples work now, and seeing the skill and technique and it’s rad! Now I actually want to share my voice and ideas with the collective pool. It’s a good feeling.